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My name is Dylan Hadley, I'm a self taught photographer based on the Southern Coast of California. I'm constantly involved with the lives of subjects, using knowledge and experience to relate with the subjects that surround me. I am driven by new concepts that enable me to create through the lens of my camera. Being able to share my experiences and tell the story through photography is the primary focus that keeps me driven to continue pressing the shutter. I am currently 18 years old and a freshman at University of Hawaii at Manoa. I've been taking photos for nearly 3 years, progressively continuing to document motion and the surrounding landscapes brought by the ocean.

Current Gear: Canon Cameras/lenses, SPL Water Housings, Kenko Tokina Fisheye Lens, 'Da Fin' Swim Fins, Isurus Wetsuits, and SunPak Tripods.

All photos on this website are available for purchase, email directly.

Located at hadley.dylan@ymail.com

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